These are not just NFTs — this is an inter­­ruption!

The »Practice of the 21st Century«, brought to life by the media artist renfah (Marcuse Hafner), has been studying the history and everyday life of different cultural meanings, iconic indicators and their protagonists since its beginnings around 15 years ago.

With his collective of artist identities, renfah always tries to explore new perspectives, challenges the perception of his audience and through his gaze eventually changes the perspective of the viewers.

Interruption /

In October 2021, the day after his book presentation Hund und Herr, renfah suffered a severe craniocerebral trauma and barely survived it.  After months of fighting for survival and three operations on his head, he is out of danger. The right side of his body has been paralyzed ever since and progress has been slow.

The radical lack of speech and form into which the artist was thrown has found new expression in countless drawings over the past few months.

These works, created with his left hand, are testaments to his tireless spirit of survival, this time not only to challenge the perception of others, but also to rediscover and redefine his own identity.

The artist’s drawings are available as NFTs on the website renfah.com, a way of acquiring the analog artistic works digitally.

The proceeds from donations and purchases are used to cover the costs of therapy and rehabilitation.

Thanks for your support!

If you would like to have the physical renfah drawing send to you per mail order as well please contact renfah.interruption@gmail.com